WordPress Maintenance and Development

Tired of the technical stuff? Leave it to us!

We’ll baby your website:)

Our code is hand-crafted with all the Search Optimized extras for great rankings.

We’ll compress your code, cache your pages, and protect your site with a web-based firewall. We streamline your code for the fastest pageloads possible.

Custom WordPress development and maintenance for businesses

  1. Updated Code- Did you know that WordPress releases major updates 4 times a year? That not updating is a major security risk? We keep your code current and safe.
  2. Backups- Maintenance packages include a site clone for testing the updates for compatibility with your live site. This is also for developing new features and designs in addition regular, downloadable zipped backups.
  3. Speed- We have the fastest private server around, set up with a custom install of cutting-edge nginx and docker.

Latest Projects

Site design and build packages at discounted project rates. Contact for estimate.
Monthly site maintenance packages start at $310/month at $75/hr.
Regular Hourly rate: $95/hr.

 Enterprise Level WordPress Maintenance

How you maintain your WordPress site makes a difference! We’ve learned the best practices for WordPress maintenance over the years by our own experience. But don’t take our word for it—

Hear it directly from Marcus Couch, quoted at planet.WordPress.org:

Make sure that you test out all these plugins on a staging site. It’s always best to create a mirror of a live site with an identical set of plugins. Then install the new plugin to see how it interacts with the others. After a day or so, you’ll get to know the functionality, speed and performance of the site with the new plugin installed. If everything seems to be cool, then it’s probably safe to remove the plugin from your “quarantine” and use it on an actual live site.


This is exactly what we do to maintain our clients’ sites. So as a client of Robinson Web Development, you’ll get a clone of your live site for testing updates and WordPress releases in exactly the environment of your production site so that if something doesn’t work, your production site is safe and protected.

But there’s more:

In addition, you’ll also get a dedicated url with an additional clone of your site that is used for developing new features that aren’t ready yet for deployment on the live site. So at no time is the safety of your production site in question because of code upgrades or code development.

 Going Above and Beyond at the First = Smooth Sailing Later

We’ve built our business on taking care of our clients and implementing best practices proactively at the beginning–which means fewer problems later. And because life happens, we’re proactive when you need it if something does come up. It’s all about trust.