Keep Your Site Humming with these Ongoing Monthly Services

    (You might even FORGET ABOUT IT because it's being so well cared for.)

  • SEO

    It's a crazy world that's dominated by Google, which builds chaos into its system along with a little mystery and some randomness to go along with it.

    Solid on-site SEO is always the right approach and this is no place to cut corners or take risks. We make sure Google is happy and good things follow.

  • Updates

    Wordpress and all its plugins are updated several times a month. That's a lot of moving parts and places for things to get off track.
    Updates should be done first on a site clone not on the live site. A continuously updated site is also MUCH more secure.

  • Speed

    Put your baby on a custom nginx-install on a cloud vps. Which is just to say that it'll be fast, stable, and far from spammy neighborhoods. No shared hosting for you.

  • Concierge

    Have a question? Need help? How about an update or special request? Content or blog posts you need to be added?
    Or a real person to run your ideas by?
    How about having someone bring ideas to you because they are thinking about your site even when you're not?